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Robin Coady Smith, Founder & CEO , Privat'US
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As a founder, CEO or Managing Member,  you know  what your sweat and sacrifice has translated into for your business.   What is the Red light that stands in the way ?  If its not solved what will Tomorrow look like?

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1. What is your top business challenge?
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2nd Generation CEO 
Enhanced Family System

After running the food manufacturing business for 2 decades, the CEO was tired and unsure what else he can, could or should do to improve revenues and participation of family members and staff.  He reached out to Privatus CI3O for help.

The CEO acknowledged; “Privatus CI3O understood me and my family.  They understood our business.  They created clarity from uncertainty with care as if it was their own. Now we have more time for what matters, thanks to the know-how, insights and professional kindness that Robin and Carl offered.”

Senior G2 Family Member

Preserved The Business & Family

At a time of uncertainty for our family and our business, It was difficult to reach out to unknown help.  

I am so grateful to Robin and Carl as they listened to our pains. They acted swiftly and professionally to stabilize us as both a family and business. We found cohesion as a family.  We gained purpose in charting a new path forward. We could not have done as well on our own. " 

 A Young at Heart CEO

Scaled Business Viability

I spent 20 years at the helm of my technology business  to find I am less than half way to my goal to create a business of a $1 billion.  Was  it possible to make up the shortfall in the 5 years that remain for me?  My advisers said, "No."  Privatus CI3O said "Yes" it was possible.  This was supported by facts. 

"Carl and Robin provided the answers and used my team with theirs in a strategic plan that leveraged returns and grew the bottom line by 3X in 36 months."
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